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Ken Webb was born in Tucson, Arizona in September, 1963. After spending a few years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ken and his family moved to Silver City, New Mexico when he was around 7 years old. A small mining and ranching community, Silver City, is often referred to as the 'Gateway to the Gila Wilderness'.

Being raised in the country, Ken was shown the beauty and artistic ways of nature, along with the history of the Southwest, which would later prove to be a strong influence with his artwork. Ken started working with steel in 1979. He received his welding degree at New Mexico State University in 1984, and began working as an ironworker and steel fabricator.

Ken's artistic talents, combined with his abilities to work with steel, would soon lead him down the road of creativity. Ken Webb, Metal SculpturistReturning to Tucson in 1986, Ken's spiritual journey began to express itself with each new piece of art.

After 30 years of playing with steel, Ken admits, "I am still learning, and with each new piece of artwork I learn something new about the technique, the subject, or myself. Although I suppose I would be considered to be a self-taught artist, I believe the best teacher of all, is the Great Creator".

Ken lives in Silverton, Colorado and has become well known for his unique sculptures and fine metal art. He has been commissioned to do numerous pieces, from small tabletop and wall artwork to larger outdoor sculptures.

Ken's artwork can be seen in juried shows all over the Southwest, and many of his originals are included in private collections throughout the World. Currently, Ken has his own gallery, "Quiet Bear Art", in Silverton, Colorado. Ken has exhibited in galleries in these locations: Silver City and Santa Fe, New Mexico Tucson and Tubac, Arizona Lake City, Colorado, and Minnesota.